Portable WIFI RGB 3D Printed Big Letters

https://youtu.be/aVze3X--dAg Here it is this weeks project. Enjoy!! Update: In case anyone wants to try and do something like this, I did use an ESP8266, the more common one, like this from SparkFun. I did use a modification of the web server example mixed with one of the Neopixel examples: Here it is: #include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> [...]

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DIY Violin V2 With Free Plans

https://youtu.be/7qySVeeL_DU This is the video of my new violin versiĆ³n. You can download the files to do it yourself from here: DIYVIOLIN This file contains: The two dxf files one for each thickness (3 and 5 mm) you can cut them with a laser cuter, CNC router, print them and cut them by hand, whatever [...]

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3D Printed BBB (Big Ball Bearing) Part I

https://youtu.be/b2y9IgsCiLY I've printed a very big ball bearing, with a bit of a mishap during printing and a bit of a miscalculation during design. But as the title says, this is the part I, a second bearing is on its way and I hope will be much more functional than this one. Cheers!

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Audio Embed

You can embed Soundcloud or upload Self-hosted audio files with Post Format: Audio. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Porro fuga expedita veritatis ut repudiandae veniam neque consequatur, cum nobis aliquid dolores deserunt perferendis similique eaque architecto temporibus assumenda, rem, a!Praesent nibh massa, tempus eu sapien at, rhoncus luctus nisi. Curabitur ut augue [...]

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