PERFECTLY SIZED 3D PRINTED HOLES WITH CURA AND SLIC3R Hi everyone! I've recently found a great feature of Cura and Slic3r to adjust the final size of the polygons on your prints. The reference for the feature on Cura can be found here, and it is under the shell settings. The reference for the feature on Slic3r can be found here. This one [...]


BACK TO BOWDEUN UPDATE: Here are the links to the parts I used to make the bowden modification, I'll try to add them to the main assembly asap: Bowden clip Modified carriage with clips Extruder mounting bracket Extruder bowden mounting clip  SOURCES: If you have Fusion360 installed this is your first stop: This is the [...]

SDR PROJECT – FALSE START Hi everyone! New project! As I've said in the video, I won't still tell you what is this about, but I'll give you clues with every video so you can give it a go at guessing what it is. In this weeks episode I've messed it big with the print settings, I've been mixing [...]

#23 – HEATED BED RELAYS (AND AC) – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER Hi everyone! This week I swapped the two DC heated pads for the anticipated AC heated pads. As these cannot be connected directly to the ramps I'm using two solid state relays to switch the two heated pads but in a different than expected way. The two relays are wired in series so if [...]

#19 – HEATED BED MISASSEMBLY – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER 25th of November - I finally decided on the size of the bed of the big printer, 600x300. For that I bought a 610x300 aluminum plate, and after much thought I ordered what I thought it were three 300x200 heated beds from Amazon. A while later I bought the 300x300 cork plates for isolation and [...]

#16 – CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND X MOTOR BRACKET This two cable management systems are opposite difficulties. One is very simple and straightforward and the other one is overly complicated and "clever" if you let me say that. I'll add all these STLs on the main release so everybody can have a tidy printer. Enjoy!! [paypal_donation_button]      

#15 WIRES ON THE PRINTER?!?!? – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER Hi everyone, this week I installed the steppers and endstop wires on the printer as a first step to finish this project once for all. I hope next week we can move forward and add more wires. Yeah! The endstops are going to be used in an NO (normally open configuration) which means that [...]

#14 DISPLAY AND ELECTRONICS BRACKETS – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER A few things to take into account: I'll change the position of the display, the electronics are now in where what will be the back of the printer. The display needs to be in the front and out of the way so the big parts can be extracted from the side. I'm even planning [...]

#13 REDUCING THE WIRE RUNS – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER When I was getting ready to install the first wires on the printer I realised that the wire runs were incredibly long for some components, basically some of the wires had to go a complete lap around the printer. And we know that with wires, the shorter the better. Analysing the situation I realised [...]

Q&A #1 BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER AND MORE (NOTIFICATIONS WERE NOT SENT SO I HAD TO REUPLOAD, SORRY!) Hi everyone, this week video is a Q and A to answer all those questions that I get all the time in the comments, I hope you like it! Thanks!