DIY CAMERA BOOM ARM 2 of 3 Hi everyone! This is the second episode of this "quick" project. This time I get a functional arm but it is still far from perfect. There is an episode left where I can polish this mess. Per your request I've prepared a zip with all the STL files in case anyone wants to give [...]

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3D printed motorised omnidirectional time lapse dolly Hi everyone, this is this weeks project: The free running motorised time lapse dolly. In case anyone want's to make their own, here are the files to 3D print: timelapse-dolly-stl Remember to print the wheel covers and the gimbal arms twice. The stepper motor can be any like this. There are plenty in Ebay, Aliexpress [...]

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3D printed quick release plate and socket with tripod Hi everyone, I've developed this tripod to be easily printable and usable. To the printed mix you'll have to add the following hardware: three M5X40 bolts and three M5 butterfly nuts for the tripod. One M5x10 bolt and one M5 self locking nut for the trigger. One whitworth nut for the socket and one whitworth bolt for [...]

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3D printed lighting system for my home video setup I've just finished my home video lighting system. I've made a substitute of the tripods fast lock to use with all my video gear, and from then on I've escalated my madness to develop a 3D printed set of lights to a piece of wood that shares that same lock system. In the setup [...]

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