Hi everyone, this week episode is all about thinking. There were many options that could have led to a functional bed but there are always limitations. I’m really hoping to finish this printer in two or three more weeks so I cannot wait a month and a half for a chinese heatbed to arrive. Whenever the new heat pads arrive I’ll swap them but until then I need this part of the printer working.

If anyone is guessing that 144 watts won’t be enough I’ll bet against you on the pool, I have an almost double sized bed in the other printed with 400 watts to heat up not only the mirror but the entire aluminum plate which this solution does not have to heat up. So I recon this will work sufficiently well for now. And don’t forget that I’ll swap em for the AC ones once those arrive.

Also the perimetral plastic parts will be redesigned to better grab all the layers and if my aluminum provider finally decides to send my order I may even restart with fresh plates the build and get everything as it should. I advice also to all of you that will try to replicate my steps to consider the size of your bed heater before even start the build.


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