This week video was a redo and recap of all the operations made to the bed.

This week I made:

Holes for the brackets that join it to the bed.

Threaded holes for the three adjusting wheels.

Threaded holes for the cable chain

Threaded holes for the cable clips

Threaded holes for the SSRs

A big hole to pass the cables

Threaded holes for the four corners that I also redesigned and printed this week.

I chamfered all the holes

And installed the four corners, the threaded rods, and the levelling wheels.

Even before starting what I want to do for next week I’ll have to swap the heated pads for the AC ones, install the SSRs, install the cable chain, pass the cables through it, and put some clips for the cables. I have to do what I have to do.

I hope you enjoyed it, thanks!!

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