Hi everyone! This week everything went a bit better, the couplings arrived at the beginning of the week, and as I’ve lost forever the calibration of my printer I’ve just had to redo it all from scratch. With all that I could get some decent prints for this weeks episode and the prints keep coming better with each print, so no drama there. As you can see there are four high torque Nema17 motors attached to each of the wheels and as always an unjustifiable amount of bolts. I know that the 608 bearings are loose on their holes, that’s because I’ve discovered the XY compensation setting, both on Cura an Slic3r and I’m still getting the hang of it, although I’m not sure is possible to reach a setting where the big squares fit on the beam and the bearings sit tight on the holes. Anyway I’ll make a clip to clamp those in place, just in case. And next week? well, you just read up to here so you deserve some extra info… next week something will slide!


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