Hi everyone!

This week episode has been a really fun one! The initial intention of this project is make a standalone propulsion and direction system that can be attached to anything to make it RC controlled. At this point I’ve started to think that I might have went a bit too far with the power of the motor, but I’m sure I’ll get over it soon XD


The ducted fan+Motor is a twelve blade propeller with a brushless motor that outputs up to 3kg of thrust on paper, I should test that… It really feels like it pushes that hard… The manufacturer recommend a 70A ESC, hence the selection of the next component.

The ESC is an 80A ESC with a 3A BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) which means that you can connect and feed 5.5v to the receiver, servos, etc… up to 3A in total and this way it makes unnecessary to add a secondary battery to power those elements.

The Servo is a 13kg/cm of torque servo with a 0.103s/60º turning speed, If you think this one is oversized for this application you are right… but you never know right?

The Transmiter/Receiver is a 10 Channel setup which has been surprisingly easy to setup, the transmitter has a backlit display and feels very responsive, I’ll let you know about the range when I make an outside test.

The batteries are two Turnigy 5000mAh 20C batteries that I had stored for a future project which has a lot to do with those lights dimming that many of you have mentioned in the comments…(wink).

And the 3D printed parts have all been printed with the Anet E10 that I showed you a couple of weeks ago and that prints really well, it is a mess of a printer, but it does the job somehow… very surprising.




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