A homemade 3D printer at home… Let’s give it a try!

I will start with leftovers frow work and will see whats missing.

Edit 1:

The original printer I was going to use to print the parts is broken, five years of part printing has taken it’s toll. I’m trying to use the parts that was able to print in the last breaths of “ye olde printer” and mixing them with parts made of wood.

Don’t judge me for the wooden parts quality, those have just to work to print the new parts and then will be substituted, so i made them quick and dirty.

This is the state of the machine as of today, solved the supports for the z axis steppers, the y stepper z axis movement and the structure is complete.

After the old printer broke i realized that the space between the vertical rods and the structure was short, quick fix, two spacers made of 10 mm laminated wood.

Here you can see the printed socket for the nuts inside the structural profile rails.

The first thing i printed was the corners, good fit good solution.

This is a z axis motor support, a failed print that i will have to recycle, good enough. The butterfly nuts will allow to easily adjust the position og the vertical threaded rods.

 This is the actual y axis stepper mount, again, good enough will be replaced soon.

Edit 2:

Finished the test for the bed levelling system, copying from the best it only needs three adjustement screws to stay flat. This version is a bit smaller than needed but will keep testing with it and make it bigger when everything fits and works.  

Bottom plate: 3,5 mm drill hole threaded to 4 mm all the way.

Top plate: 3,5 mm drill from the bottom plate for perfect alignement, 4,5 mm hole to allow the screw to free rotate and a 8,5 mm sunken head hole to allow the bolt head to stay flush with the surface.

Edit 3


Still going strong, already installed the Z axis threaded rods. After weighing the bridge (by hand) decided to switch to M8 rods to stay on the safe side. The nuts are square nuts scavenged from an old project fixed provisionally with screws. 


1 x MK7 Teeth Extruder Gear With M4 Screw For 3D Printer (SKU135430) US$1.99 

1 x All Metal MK8 Extruder Assembled Kit For 3D Printer (SKU175985) US$55.75 

  •  Material 1.75mm 
  •  Nozzle 0.5mm 

1 x LCD 12864 1.57 Control Board 4988 Driver Mega 2560 R3 Development Board Kit For 3D Printer (SKU146959) US$51.99 

1 x JKM Nema 17 42mm Hybrid Stepper Motor 70oz-in 48mm 2.5A For CNC (SKU159075) US$15.58 

2 x 5X5mm CNC Motor Jaw Shaft Coupler Flexible Coupling For 3D Printer (SKU159721) US$5.18 

1 x 10M 2GT-6mm Rubber Opening Belt+2Pcs 2GT 16 Teeth Timing Pulley Wheel (SKU186029+SKU186044) US$15.17 

1 x 5 X 10Pcs Synchronous Belt Locking Spring For 3D Printer (5xSKU135539) US$4.70 

12 x 12mm Rubber Sealed Shielded Linear Ball Bear Bearing LM12UU (SKU051354) US$16.80 

1 x 10Pcs KW12-3 Micro Limit Switch Roller Lever 5A 125V Open/Close Switch (SKU119050) US$1.96 

1 x Feed Wheel Squeeze Wire Wheel Wire Feed Rolls Reprap For 3D Printer (SKU146995) US$2.55 

1 x 10pcs 5x16x5mm Shielded Miniature Metal Sealed Ball Bearing 625-ZZ (SKU076390) US$3.06 

1 x 3D Printer MK2B Dual Power PCB Heat Bed Hot Plate RepRap Mendel Prusa (SKU088598) US$8.75 

1 x 5Pcs 3D Printer Stepstick DRV8825 Stepper Driver Reprap 4 Layer PCB (5xSKU109571) US$10.30 just for spares not really needed.


Two 200x200x6mm plates to make a leveled bed. 

Already ordered bigger plates needed to fit the Ikea Sörli mirrors that are going to be the printing surface.


Three nema 17 steppers that i had lying around, some aluminum profiles, 12mm calibrated rods, nuts and bolts, M5 M8 threaded rod…


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  1. dp June 9, 2015 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    Congratulations on your project. It is a good idea to use recycled components !
    5 stars my friend!

    • Ivan June 9, 2015 at 8:09 pm - Reply

      Thanks mate!

  2. Coy February 2, 2016 at 7:37 am - Reply

    Which wp template are you using on your blog? Is it from these guys by any chance: http://www.nuttythemes.com

    • Ivan February 19, 2016 at 6:31 pm - Reply

      No it’s imbalancd 2 by WpShower

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