DIY Lasercut violin – Part one


For quite sometime I’ve been trying to make a laser cut violin, or better said a digitally fabricated violin. I’ve finished the plans and now I will send it to Arquimaña to be cut.

The violin has all the due features, it has a bass bar, sound post and everything. I’ve tried to keep it as similar to a regular violin as possible. You might have noticed that the box shape doesn’t resemble that of a stradivarius but through the extensive research that I’ve done, it seems that it is not that important in terms of sound volume and quality. You can check out the violin design by Felix Savart and many others.

Once it is finished I’ll look for someone that can play so you don’t have to be subjected to my irresponsible attempts at getting sound from it. Pray for me to succeed.

I’ll keep you posted. Hope you enjoyed it!!


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