How to make a SpeedTest3000!!

These are the resources needed to make an official SpeedTest 3000 game.

First the components:

The Chassis.stl

The  Cover.stl

The LedBar.stl

The pushbutton complete in blue

The pushbutton complete in red

Those come complete, with switch, socket, and coloured led.

The buzzers

Those are active buzzers, so when applied voltage a frequency is produced, no need to oscillate it.

The nano 

Be careful, this nano has the CH340g USB to serial interface, read the description and update the drivers!!

The On/Off switch

The battery

You’ll also need regular geek supplies like wire, solder, hot glue, scissors…

The source code for the nano: SECONDREFLEX

If you need something else, or have questions, leave them in the youtube video comments so anyone can take advantage.

Cheers and good luck!!


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