When I was getting ready to install the first wires on the printer I realised that the wire runs were incredibly long for some components, basically some of the wires had to go a complete lap around the printer. And we know that with wires, the shorter the better. Analysing the situation I realised that somewhere during the build I rotated the bridge, not sure if that was intentionally done but anyway. So I turned around the bridge which made me remove the display, and swap the chain tray from one side to the other. And to install the chain tray I had also to remove the electronics.

With this clean slate, wire wise, I rethought the wiring to decide where was the best spot to install the electronics, which does not mean necessarily the spot where the display is going finally to be installed. So this is it, I’ve improved the wire lengths for the future episodes but I have now to install again the display and the electronics. While I’m at it I’ll redesign and reprint both the display case and the electronics mount to solve some of the issues that we had last time with the display case and to make the electronics mount a bit more compact so we can install it where we need.

I’ll try to release the next video tomorrow if my printer behaves correctly (which it usually does) and that way we’ll be ready, this time for sure, to begin the wire installation process.


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