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I like to create, to make, to invent, to try new things, new methods, new materials. I keep learning every day. I like digital fabrication, DIY, music, to think. I’ll never have enough tools, and I believe in time as the most scarce resource. I’m hunting for a workshop. I’m always looking for fun projects. I like bikes, personal transportation, all electric, portable, car free environments. Failure is always an option. I like projects that can be unveiled while playing”also sprach Zaratustra”. I like photography, videography, geek out. I can ollie (last update July 2016). I like to improvise stuff. I live by the motto work with what you have and try to have what you need. I know for a fact that the last 5% of a project takes the 95% of the resources. I like 3D printing, CNC machining, robots, rigs, LEDs, PICs, Arduino, Teensy (kudos Paul), hand soldering. I like Fusion360, Eagle. I like the National, Colin Hay, Ok Go, The Killers, Alt-J. I love coffee, I like Magic Lantern (if you have a Canon…). I like musical instruments but can play none. I like portal, COD4 and the Lemmings. I know how to make a violin, a water harp, a sex detection mattress, a 3D printer, a tripod, a lasertag aiming system, big led screens. I like camper, transform, microcampers, campervans, Freiburg am Brisgau, Wien. I like to show, to teach, to know what to learn, most important skill. I like Kapla, upcycling, recycling. I like fireworks, mechanics, urban gardening, science museums. I like big cities, bread, olives, cold and dry weather. I like mornings, new, shorts, plywood, protoboards, space. I like Microsoft ICE, Stephen Colbert, Berto and Buenafuente. I like Frank Howarth, Mathias Wandell, Diresta, Casey Neystat, John Hill, Dave Jones, Ben Krasnow, Theo Jansen, Dieter Rams, Josef Prusa, Adam Savage, and admire their most powerful skill, passion. I like olives a lot and lots.

I made this site to share.