PERFECTLY SIZED 3D PRINTED HOLES WITH CURA AND SLIC3R Hi everyone! I've recently found a great feature of Cura and Slic3r to adjust the final size of the polygons on your prints. The reference for the feature on Cura can be found here, and it is under the shell settings. The reference for the feature on Slic3r can be found here. This one [...]

#23 – HEATED BED RELAYS (AND AC) – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER Hi everyone! This week I swapped the two DC heated pads for the anticipated AC heated pads. As these cannot be connected directly to the ramps I'm using two solid state relays to switch the two heated pads but in a different than expected way. The two relays are wired in series so if [...]

3D printed motorised omnidirectional time lapse dolly Hi everyone, this is this weeks project: The free running motorised time lapse dolly. In case anyone want's to make their own, here are the files to 3D print: timelapse-dolly-stl Remember to print the wheel covers and the gimbal arms twice. The stepper motor can be any like this. There are plenty in Ebay, Aliexpress [...]

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How to make a SpeedTest3000!! These are the resources needed to make an official SpeedTest 3000 game. First the components: The Chassis.stl The  Cover.stl The LedBar.stl The pushbutton complete in blue The pushbutton complete in red Those come complete, with switch, socket, and coloured led. The buzzers Those are active buzzers, so when applied voltage a frequency is produced, no need [...]

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