https://youtu.be/3mPRJ_22agk This two cable management systems are opposite difficulties. One is very simple and straightforward and the other one is overly complicated and "clever" if you let me say that. I'll add all these STLs on the main release so everybody can have a tidy printer. Enjoy!! [paypal_donation_button]      

DIY Big Digital Clock

https://youtu.be/viqP5sbzNGM This week project is a big digital clock, I left the used code below in case anyone finds it useful. Enjoy!! The STL files in case anyone feels like doing one: SEGMENT AND DOT BOXES     /* Udp NTP Client Get the time from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) time server Demonstrates use [...]

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Portable WIFI RGB 3D Printed Big Letters

https://youtu.be/aVze3X--dAg Here it is this weeks project. Enjoy!! Update: In case anyone wants to try and do something like this, I did use an ESP8266, the more common one, like this from SparkFun. I did use a modification of the web server example mixed with one of the Neopixel examples: Here it is: #include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> [...]

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How to make a SpeedTest3000!!

https://youtu.be/eAP1SW1yiZ0 These are the resources needed to make an official SpeedTest 3000 game. First the components: The Chassis.stl The  Cover.stl The LedBar.stl The pushbutton complete in blue The pushbutton complete in red Those come complete, with switch, socket, and coloured led. The buzzers Those are active buzzers, so when applied voltage a frequency is produced, no need [...]

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DIY Lasercut violin – Part one

For quite sometime I've been trying to make a laser cut violin, or better said a digitally fabricated violin. I've finished the plans and now I will send it to Arquimaña to be cut. The violin has all the due features, it has a bass bar, sound post and everything. I've tried to keep it [...]

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SPEAKRETE a cinder block DIY speaker

Continuing with my series of projects from the past, here I leave you SPEAKRETE, a set of speakers that use a cinder block as a sound box. This is a collaboration with Pablo Ferron, the initial idea was to develop a set of speakers and amplifier with a laser cut front and back, bolts and [...]

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