Hi everyone! GENERAL DISCLAIMER: All the files and information on this page comes as it is, with no warranty or responsibility from me. If you are planning on building this, do it at your own risk, I'm in no way responsible for any consequences that may arise after following any of the instructions in this [...]

#14 DISPLAY AND ELECTRONICS BRACKETS – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER A few things to take into account: I'll change the position of the display, the electronics are now in where what will be the back of the printer. The display needs to be in the front and out of the way so the big parts can be extracted from the side. I'm even planning [...]

DIY Big Digital Clock This week project is a big digital clock, I left the used code below in case anyone finds it useful. Enjoy!! The STL files in case anyone feels like doing one: SEGMENT AND DOT BOXES     /* Udp NTP Client Get the time from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) time server Demonstrates use [...]

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Portable WIFI RGB 3D Printed Big Letters Here it is this weeks project. Enjoy!! Update: In case anyone wants to try and do something like this, I did use an ESP8266, the more common one, like this from SparkFun. I did use a modification of the web server example mixed with one of the Neopixel examples: Here it is: #include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> [...]

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