PERFECTLY SIZED 3D PRINTED HOLES WITH CURA AND SLIC3R Hi everyone! I've recently found a great feature of Cura and Slic3r to adjust the final size of the polygons on your prints. The reference for the feature on Cura can be found here, and it is under the shell settings. The reference for the feature on Slic3r can be found here. This one [...]


BACK TO BOWDEUN UPDATE: Here are the links to the parts I used to make the bowden modification, I'll try to add them to the main assembly asap: Bowden clip Modified carriage with clips Extruder mounting bracket Extruder bowden mounting clip  SOURCES: If you have Fusion360 installed this is your first stop: This is the [...]

UNMANNED WIDE ROBOTIC PLATFORM Hi everyone! This week everything went a bit better, the couplings arrived at the beginning of the week, and as I've lost forever the calibration of my printer I've just had to redo it all from scratch. With all that I could get some decent prints for this weeks episode and the prints keep [...]


Hi everyone! GENERAL DISCLAIMER: All the files and information on this page comes as it is, with no warranty or responsibility from me. If you are planning on building this, do it at your own risk, I'm in no way responsible for any consequences that may arise after following any of the instructions in this [...]

#20 – HEATED BED ASSEMBLY – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER Hi everyone, this week episode is all about thinking. There were many options that could have led to a functional bed but there are always limitations. I'm really hoping to finish this printer in two or three more weeks so I cannot wait a month and a half for a chinese heatbed to arrive. [...]

#14 DISPLAY AND ELECTRONICS BRACKETS – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER A few things to take into account: I'll change the position of the display, the electronics are now in where what will be the back of the printer. The display needs to be in the front and out of the way so the big parts can be extracted from the side. I'm even planning [...]

DIY Big Digital Clock This week project is a big digital clock, I left the used code below in case anyone finds it useful. Enjoy!! The STL files in case anyone feels like doing one: SEGMENT AND DOT BOXES     /* Udp NTP Client Get the time from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) time server Demonstrates use [...]

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