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This is a DIY project and it s meant to be built following the Youtube video and the complete 3D assembly, all the missing measurements can be done there (even I used it during the build for the video). Every component is in there too so when in doubt check it out.

The video contains the approximate assembly sequence and the 3D model is as complete as I've been able to do it but I cannot guarantee that you will be able to duplicate my results.

Due to safety concerns no electrical/electronic/wiring info is provided. There's plenty of information about how to wire a duet3 to a 3D printer on the Duet3D website and it is what I've followed to do the wiring. 

Please be safe, I assume you have the safety training and skills to carry out this project. Your tools and workshop will be different from mine so consider these files as a guide only.

This printer did cost me $1554 to build. This doesn't mean this is what it is going to cost you to build it and I may even be wrong about my own cost so take it with a big pile of salt.

What's included:

Link to the original Fusion 360 project, it includes every single profile, bolt, nut, washer and 3D printed part on the printer excluding the fans, hotend, extruder and electronic components. I included a blank carriage so you can modify it to suit the extruder/hotend of your choice in case you cannot source the same I used.

A BOM with all the components including every single profile, bolt, nut, washer and 3D printer part on the printer.

STL files for every 3D printed part including the electronic boxes.

Readme file with a few tips and tricks.

An STEP file of the entire assembly in case you want to modify any part of the assembly.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A MINIMUM BED SIZE OF 180 mm x 180 mm except for the power supply box that is 230 mm long.

There are no tall parts/parts that need to be printed upright in this build.

This is not a guarantee that you'll end up with a functional 3D printer if you buy these files.

There's no guarantee that you will be able to source the same components I used in this build.

These files are sold as they are, there are no extra services associated with them.

There's no support included in this files. None. I will not reply to any questions or help you solve any issues with this build as it is impossible for me to do it for every person that buys the files. 

If you wan't to build this printer as a production unit, don't. This is not it, this is a hobby project. 

If you wan't a cheap printer, this is not it. Buying all the stuff separately is going to cost more.