3D Printed Hovercraft

This is my first attempt at building a hovercraft and as It could not be done in any other way, I 3D printed it. At the time of this writing it has been printed 5 times, and the first version used more plastic than the other four combined, yep, I lost it a bit there. Now that the thing more or less works You'll find at the end the files so you can make your own.

I'm not planning on releasing a full BOM or tutorial about this, I hope that there is enough information on the videos so you can make educated guesses about what it takes to build one and I've shared the sources so you can make any modifications you deem necessary. Take a look at all the videos I made about this project that can help you make it yourselves.

Part I: Me figuring out that this was not as easy as I thought...

Part II: A good restart with a good concept, the impeller passes the exam but everything needs to be readjusted...


Part III: Two smaller impellers are better than a big one for what it seems in this episode...


Part IV: A proof of concept with an exagerated skirt, just to show that the impellers have what it takes to get this thing of the ground.


Part V: At last, this thing moves! Needs a few tweaks here and there but this is definitely the way to go.


The original Fusion360 files can be found here, Fusion360 is free for hobbyists and you can get all the STLs from there.

I'll keep adding new videos and file updates here as I make progress on this project. Thanks a lot for watching!!