There are a few questions that get repeated all the time in the comments section, the contact page etc. I'll try to leave them answered here:

How do you get your prints so smooth and shinny on the bottom?
I've made a video about that, check it out.

What are your print settings?
I use the ones that come with Cura for the printers and make adjustments as needed, there is no one printer settings for any of the printers. If you want to learn more about your printers materials etc. I recommend you to watch Joel Tellings 3D Printing Nerd channel on YT.

What's that song?
I get the music from Epidemic Sound.

Porque no haces videos en español?
Creo que en inglés puedo llegar a más audiencia.

What do you do with all that failed prints? Will you make a recycler, buy a recycler, recycle your plastic?
I throw them away, that's why I almost only use PLA, it is more or less biodegradable. A recycler does not make sense to me, I could buy like 200 kg of plastic with the cost of a recycler. And then buy another 200 kg with the cost of the time of running it. I haven't seen an alternative where I throw parts in and pristine spools come out from the other side. When/if it exists and is priced reasonably I'm more than willing to buy/try it. If there is a company that takes the challenge that'd be awesome!!.