If you want to send me something you can do it here:

Ivan Miranda
Apdo. de correos 5050
20018 Donostia-San Sebastian
Guipuzcoa - Spain

This will only work for regular mail, delivery companies won't deliver to P.O. Boxes for some reason. If you want to send me something through delivery company contact me with the following form:


If you want to contact me this is the place to go but before you let yourself go in this form filling frenzy let me give you a few tips:

Business inquiries: Ok, go ahead and please leave as much information as you can.

3D printing inquiries: I'm sorry, Youtube is a hard working endeavour and I have another job on top of that, I cannot run a 3D printing service.

All relative to videos: Please comment on the video you want to talk me about, this way we all can learn from it. I still can and do read all the comments. If I don't have time to answer your comment I'm really sorry and thankful for your understanding.

Want to buy something from me?: If you can buy it commercial, do it. I very rarely do bespoke jobs and it is always much more expensive than buying commercial.

You just want to complain? to say congrats?: Definitely this is the place to go!

None of the above? not sure?: Please go ahead, I'll be happy to hear from you, I cannot guarantee that I'll answer but I'll try my best.