3D Printed OpenTank

I'm building a tank!!! Yessss! And before anyone asks, when I'm finished I'll release the files for free, at least the sources which in my opinion is the most valuable part of my work for the community. I might release a paid version with separated STLs and more documentation for those who are interested in supporting my work, there is a big chance of that being released to my Patreon supporters also.

If you wan't to follow the progress of the tank you can start here, in this episode I test a tread link + traction wheel system that works pretty well and will end up in the tank:

Next is the first attempt at building a half chassis with all the wheels, which worked pretty well.

After this last video, everyone started questioning the tankness of my project, the lack of suspension made most of the commenters feel unease and I could not keep up with the pressure. That's why on this next episode I attempted a suspension system that could work with our tank. Also I cut my hair...

Once we all agreed on the suitability of the wheel arrangement for the tank I decided to go for a full version of the chassis which predictably took a looooot of time to print. Humongous motors where added and belts where forgoten but all was good apart from that tiny detail that was commented by the hundreds... it needed a third suspension set in the middle, so I delivered in the next video, BIGGER!!:

And with all of this plastic shaped into a tank I could not resist and I had to make a quick test to check all the concepts integrated into this thing. Judge for yourself:

And that's where we stand for now, learned a lot from this test and prints are being made right now... (To be continued).

This is iterative design! I've made it narrower and made a few strength improvements, we're getting there!!

A fun and destructive test that revealed the weaknesses of the design. Also this thing is heavy! a 1km round trip with this thing got our arms really tired!