DIY Big Digital Clock

This week I needed some time, so I made a clock.

This clock as it is has the following features:

  • Full RGB control.
  • Auto time set via NIST server. 
  • USB powered.
  • WIFI enabled.
  • Can be printed in any printer with a bed 180x180mm or bigger.
  • If more brightness needed 144 led/meter leds can be used if less brightness required 30 led per meter strips can be used.
  • Modular design, if required for any other application more digits can be aligned together for a counter for example. 

 The STLs:

The code for this project is here.

Some of the comments are not present on the code as I've made it from many sources, if someone finds due credit for the code please let me know so I can add it.

ESP8266 Library on Github.

A tutorial to add the ESP8266 to Arduino IDE.