25th of November – I finally decided on the size of the bed of the big printer, 600×300. For that I bought a 610×300 aluminum plate, and after much thought I ordered what I thought it were three 300×200 heated beds from Amazon. A while later I bought the 300×300 cork plates for isolation and a couple of 600×300 mirrors as a printing surface. Some time later I installed the plates on the printer as you have seen in a previous episode. But I newer fit tested the heated beds. In my head those were 300×200 external dimenson plates that were going to fit perfectly to make a nice heated bed the size of the mirror.

But logic should have told me that that was the internal dimension of the heated surface instead of the outer dimension of the plate. So here we are today, with three nice heated beds that are of no good use for me (right now, I’ll definitely use them later) and I just could not let it like that and I tried desperately to make something with them but it was a desperate attempt that was going to nowhere. I quickly ordered 300×300 silicone pads from Amazon that were here just in time to show them in the wrap up of the video. I’ll definitely install those for next week video because this heated bed thingy has been delayed long enough. I hope watching the video was as fan as it was making it for me. Pleas enjoy!!

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