3D printed lighting system for my home video setup

I’ve just finished my home video lighting system. I’ve made a substitute of the tripods fast lock to use with all my video gear, and from then on I’ve escalated my madness to develop a 3D printed set of lights to a piece of wood that shares that same lock system.

In the setup are:

One male lock part, the one that screws on the camera or in this case to the piece of wood.

One female lock part, the one that substitutes the one in the tripod.

Four 3D printed “spot” lights made of three different parts.

A set of very longĀ bolts, nuts, self locking nuts and screws.

Four lightbulb sockets.

And spare wires.

If anyone is interested in the STLs and subsequently in loosing like 40 hours of printer, please let me know.

Hope you enjoyed!

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