SDR PROJECT – FALSE START Hi everyone! New project! As I've said in the video, I won't still tell you what is this about, but I'll give you clues with every video so you can give it a go at guessing what it is. In this weeks episode I've messed it big with the print settings, I've been mixing [...]


Hi everyone! GENERAL DISCLAIMER: All the files and information on this page comes as it is, with no warranty or responsibility from me. If you are planning on building this, do it at your own risk, I'm in no way responsible for any consequences that may arise after following any of the instructions in this [...]

#23 – HEATED BED RELAYS (AND AC) – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER Hi everyone! This week I swapped the two DC heated pads for the anticipated AC heated pads. As these cannot be connected directly to the ramps I'm using two solid state relays to switch the two heated pads but in a different than expected way. The two relays are wired in series so if [...]

#22 – GOLD PLATED PRINTING SURFACE?? – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER This week video was a redo and recap of all the operations made to the bed. This week I made: Holes for the brackets that join it to the bed. Threaded holes for the three adjusting wheels. Threaded holes for the cable chain Threaded holes for the cable clips Threaded holes for the SSRs [...]

#20 – HEATED BED ASSEMBLY – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER Hi everyone, this week episode is all about thinking. There were many options that could have led to a functional bed but there are always limitations. I'm really hoping to finish this printer in two or three more weeks so I cannot wait a month and a half for a chinese heatbed to arrive. [...]

#17 – DUAL THERMISTOR VOLCANO HEATER BLOCK – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER This two thermistor setup will allow me to trust that the heater block will not go on fire when printing unattended (which is my primary goal with this printer). Next step in this part is to set up an Arduino board that will read the thermistor continuously when the extruder is unparked and cuts [...]

#16 – CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND X MOTOR BRACKET This two cable management systems are opposite difficulties. One is very simple and straightforward and the other one is overly complicated and "clever" if you let me say that. I'll add all these STLs on the main release so everybody can have a tidy printer. Enjoy!! [paypal_donation_button]      

#14 DISPLAY AND ELECTRONICS BRACKETS – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER A few things to take into account: I'll change the position of the display, the electronics are now in where what will be the back of the printer. The display needs to be in the front and out of the way so the big parts can be extracted from the side. I'm even planning [...]

PART 10: DISPLAY AND ELECTRONICS – BUILDING THE BIG PRINTER In this week video I install the display and electronics of the printer. The system used is the one I've used before many times. The Ramps+Mega+Full graphics controller combo is very reliable and works standalone with an SD card, which is my preferred method. Also have been told in the comments that the lack [...]

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PART 9: EXTRUDER ASSEMBLY – BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER Here it is, at last, the extruder, with a bowden configuration and an E3D clone from somewhere on Ebay. I also bought the fittings and a drive gear with a smaller diameter to improve the torque on the setup. Also learned from one of the comments that adding c-clips on the fittings will help [...]

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